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Wholesale Supply of Recyclable Disposable Capes Available

Covid19... How do we ensure that we protect our staff, our clients and flatten the curve.... All the PPE in the world couldn't wrap you in bubble wrap... We have a multi industry solution!

A disposable cape, whether you are a client walking into a salon, a student at varsity, an executive working in an open office... A mask alone will not be the safest bet.

DT Distributors have come up with a workable solution for multi-faceted industries.

This single use cape is made from fully recyclable plastic, allowing for an environmentally friendly approach to safety in salons.

This will put the industry ahead of the curve!

Available at TPO Port Elizabeth , TPO CapeTown and Durban.

We are looking for wholesalers to buy bulk orders from us.

Contact us at DT Distributors

Tel: 083 400 3030

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