5 Reasons Why You Should Add WELLAPLEX To Your Post-Lockdown Treatments

June 12, 2020


WELLAPLEX is the unsung hero of many colour treatments; the little extra that makes a big difference to the quality and health of your client's hair. We love this treatment because its smart formula reduces damage and adds strength to every strand by reinforcing the hair bonds from within.


To ensure clients walk out of your salon with stronger, healthier hair after their first post-lockdown service, we recommend adding WELLAPLEX to your colour services. You can even offer a WELLAPLEX treatment as a stand-alone treatment. 



Reasons why we recommend WELLAPLEX 

Reason 1: Protects and strengthens the hair during your colour services

The treatment contains an exclusive technology that helps to reconstruct inner hair bonds. Mix the No1 Bond Maker with colour for better results. 

It's the first step of the treatment and helps to create bonds within the hair during lightening or colour services. 


Reason 2: Reduces breakage

With its exclusive Opti pH System, WELLAPLEX ensures your client's hair stays healthy throughout all stages of the colouring process. The second step in the WELLAPLEX treatment called the No2 Bond Stabilizer further strengthens the bonds, re-balances PH. It strengthens the hair structure after a chemical treatment. 


Reason 3: Can have stand-alone treatment to strengthen hair

WELLAPLEX is a stand-alone service as well, making this the perfect post-lockdown or between-colour-services boost for your clients.



Reason 4: Leaves hair looking and feeling healthier

The WELLAPLEX treatment treats hair from the inside out resulting in hair that looks well-conditioned and feels softer.


Reason 5: Your client can take home a product 

Clients can take a little bit of this treatment home with them. They can fully benefit from the in-salon service by using the No3 Hair Stabilizer at home once a week. The home-care treatment helps to keep the hair strong, smooth, and soft until the next WELLAPLEX treatment. 


Bold or subtle hair changes can be made with the assurance that hair will be healthier, flexible and more manageable. We're making this our preferred post-lock down treatment.



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