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Letter to Hairnews from Anny Britz, Images 1, Port Elizabeth

Life is about choices or so we hear, from when we are young and our parents advise us to always do what is right to when we grow older and utter the same words to our children.

The narrow road as they say is narrow for a reason, not many people can join you in your walk, its winding and treacherous and more often than not you drag yourself along in the hope you made the right choice when you arrived at the cross road.

Covid-19 brought about a crossroad for hairstylists and I have to keep reminding myself that everyone just does what they feel is right, but I am angry as I am sure we all are.

I am angry that we can’t work, I am angry that our salons are closed, I am angry that a virus has turned our lives upside down, I am angry at the loss of life

But mostly I am angry that as hairstylists we have allowed a virus to divide us, to break apart the sanctity of our trade.

To allow some of us to be blinded by what we feel is adapt and change and in that minimize and discredit the years of experience, education, blood, sweat and tears we pour into our skill to perfect it.

Call me a cynic, but I’m holding on to my skills, my secret colour recipes, my special foil placement techniques, my colour applications that adapt with each client to ensure I give them each exactly what they need.

Has Covid-19 changed the world, Yes Of Course it has but it has not changed the pride with which I say “My name is Anny Britz and I am a hairdresser”, it has not been easy, my hands are not your hands and no I will not share my trade secrets with you, because you have not walked along side me, you have sat in my chair and honoured me by allowing me the freedom to create the best “you” that you ever wished to be.

Don’t make a mockery of our trade, stand firm, stand proud and ask your clients to wait for you. You are worth it.

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