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EOHCB Update: Seeking Level 3 Clarification from Government

An update from the EOHCB, along with the presentation and video which was jointly submitted to Government on behalf of EOHCB, Bargaining Council and UASA.

Dear EOHCB Member and Industry,

The EOHCB awaits a copy of the Government Gazette outlining the level 3 regulations of the Disaster Management Act. Just like our members and the industry, we also seek clarity concerning the restrictions pertaining to the personal care sector during level 3 of the lockdown, in relation to social distancing.

In the submission made to Government (COVID-19 Command Commission), the parties and the council outlined the protocols of social distancing within the workplace for the industry and displayed it to be aligned with the current health, hygiene, and safety protocols required by the commission.

As soon as the regulations for alert level 3 have been published, the EOHCB will provide our members and the industry with clarity about the regulations and the necessary steps/actions to be taken within the workplace to resume operations within the permitted alert level for the personal care sector.

Please click on the link to access the agreement entered into between the EOHCB and UASA The Union through the council, which was submitted to the commission along with the visual display of the industry’s health, hygiene and safety protocols.

Read the agreement HERE

Watch the video HERE

For EOHCB Contact Page click HERE

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