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Reminder: UIF Ters Submissions are Still Open for April

A reminder to all salons that you may still claim for your employees for the month of April under the UIF Ters process. There is no deadline as yet for when the April claims will close.

This is not a quick process – UIF never expected to have to handle this volume of claims. It can be frustrating and it is slow, however salons are getting paid out and the system is working, even if slowly.

The article from Bargaining Council on how to correctly follow the online UIF Ters process can be found HERE

Please note the contact details below for anyone who is experiencing problems with the UIF Ters application:


Technical issues in respect of U-filling can be addressed by sending an e-mail with proof of submission to It may also assist to send the same documents to the relevant regional UIF e-mail address.


CSV or data issues can be addressed by sending an e-mail to with the subject line “UIF Reference-C19 TERS Application Issues”. The e-mail should include an explanation of the issue and the CSV file.


Employers who experience system issues may send an e-mail to The e-mail should include the employers UIF reference number as well as a detailed query.

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