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Best Ever Tip for Generating Revenue During Lockdown

Mark Timms from Mark Adrian Hairdressing shared the tip that has been the single most helpful strategy for him during lockdown. He has requested that we share it with the industry for everyone’s benefit: Time for every one of you to see money flowing into your accounts again.

Yesterday we made a list of what I call our inner circle of clients. For now we picked 80. Justine phoned six clients and had a great banter. She enquired as to if they would like pay in for their next service now to help us during the crisis. Of the six, five were more than happy to help. The total raised from just five clients was R7,300.00! Admittedly one paid R4500.00. It's all about personal contact and caring. I shared this concept with another hairdressing friend who's response was, "I've already messaged my clients and very few responses." Well that's because it's so impersonal. Pick up the phone NOW. This is your time to shine. No doom and gloom. I don't care whether you are a one person salon in a one horse town, pick up the phone and connect. I placed what I thought would be a successful add for vouchers on our Mark Adrian Facebook site. Two people responded. Why? It's too impersonal and didn't feel right. If calling clients for a chat helps you I will be so happy. Love and light to you. Mark Timms

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