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Milkshake GOT YOU: Benefits for Salons in Lockdown

Exciting news! milk_shake has launched three benefits to salons during lockdown.

1. Free delivery of milkshake products direct to your clients during lockdown – providing much-needed turnover for your salon!

2. A programme of inspiring product knowledge education

3. A fabulous competition for all salons, with a milkshake hamper to be won!

Here’s more info about these three great lockdown benefits.

1.Free Product Delivery to Clients during Lockdown

milkshake has obtained certification to deliver our products direct to clients during lockdown, allowing salons to do much-needed retail turnover.

If clients order 2 or more products, we are offering FREE courier delivery of sanitized products to their door. (1 product will incur a delivery fee of R70).

Orders are COD only – obtain the order from your client, make payment direct to milkshake, and we will courier the products to your client immediately.

We hope this exciting initiative will provide much-needed support to our salons during this testing time, allowing you to generate revenue, and enabling your clients to obtain their favourite milkshake haircare products!

For more information on this and to place an order please contact your Milkshake sales representative.

• • • • • • • • •

2.milkshake’s Inspiring GOT YOU Product Knowledge Education

To keep your product knowledge fresh and up to date, milkshake has put together an inspiring programme of education which will be Whatsapped or emailed to all our milkshake clients on the dates below. You are welcome to share with everyone in your salon.

Stay safe and stay indoors.

• • • • • • • • •

3.Milkshake GOT YOU Competition – closes 3rd April

Post to the Milkshakesouthafrica Facebook page and use the hashtag #milkshakehairsouthafrica to tag the Milkshakesa Instagram Account

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And here's one fun, bonus activity to keep you occupied during your time at home!

Contact milk_shake on:

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