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Bargaining Council: UIF Claim Information and Contacts during Lockdown

After the President's speech on 23 March 2020, the Council will be going into a full lockdown for the 21-day period.

Although our offices will be closed during this time, we will still maintain a skeleton staff to assist with queries and claims that will arise during this period.

Below you will find the e-mail addresses of the staff available to assist you with any information you might require.

The e-mail address will also be monitored daily for any queries or questions and will be diverted to the particular manager or staff member that would be able to assist.

The information will also be placed on our website at as well as our Facebook page.

Please see below the claim process for UIF as well as the documentation required. Should you need copies of the documents, please send an e-mail to I will personally forward you the documents.

Please stay safe during this time.


Case Managment / Debt Collecting: Rose Ngonyama.

Legal Compliance Officer: Grace Raselimo.

Administration Manager: Danelle Prinsloo.

Finance Manager / Acting CEO: Frik Bekker.

Sick Pay Fund Claims:

Sick Benefit Fund Claims:

UIF Claim Information

During the lockdown period, staff will be placed on paid leave.

Should the leave be depleted, the leave will then be unpaid leave. In such an event, the employee can submit a claim with UIF. The following is required:

• UI 19 and UI 2.7 (completed by employer)

• UI 2.1b -UI 2.8 (bank form completed by bank)

• Letter from employer confirming reduced work time is due to the Coronavirus

• Copy of ID document

To gain access to these forms as well as the easy-guide, please click HERE

The forms can be submitted through the following methods:

• Online at: (Illness benefits)

• Email the application to the nearest UIF processing Centre. (Illness/ ReducedWork Time/Death benefits)

• Fax the application to the nearest UIF processing Centre. (Illness/ Reduced Work Time/Death benefits)

Area - Email - Fax to email number

Germiston - - 0864397295

Pietermaritzburg - - 0864397296

East London - - 0864397299

Cape Town - - 0864397300

George - - 0864397301

North West - - 0864397302

Limpopo - - 0864397303

Mpumalanga - - 0864397304

Freestate - - 0864397305

Online - - 0864397306

Durban - - 0864397297

Port Elizabeth - - 0864397298

Northern Cape - - 0864397309

Johannesburg - - 0864397294

Pretoria - - 0864397290

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