Twincare’s Business Message: Surviving the Covid-19 Virus

March 17, 2020


Hi All

As you all may know by now we are facing a major challenge to our economy and more specifically our business. The spread of the Covid-19 virus is going to put our society and salons under major pressure. We cannot sit back and have a business as usual attitude. We need to be proactive and come up with intelligent and innovative ideas to help us survive. Our business is about touching people, so we need to address the concerns of both our clients and our staff. 


We need to do 2 things.


Firstly, we need to focus on the hygiene in our salons, not only for our clients but our staff.


Secondly, We need to make our clients comfortable about visiting our salons. It is important that you tell your clients the measures you are implementing in your business. Communication will be very important both in your business and on your social media pages. Everyone is concerned and weighing up the options of everything they do. Clients will need to feel safe when visiting your salon.


I suggest you take the following measures:

  1. Your salon needs to look like it knows and understands the dangers of the situation

  2. Have open discussions with you staff and get their buy in, ensure they understand that this affects everyone economically and their health.  

  3. Put up posters regarding hygiene and symptoms of the disease in your salon, again this is to show your clients you are taking their wellbeing seriously.

  4. Try space out your clients in your salon and tell them why you are doing it.

  5. Every station should have a sanitizer on display and available for all to use.

  6. Sanitize your equipment before every client and do it in front of them. 

  7. Use disposable towels.  

  8. Ensure your staff wear face masks and gloves in your salon. 

  9. Wash your hands after every client.

  10. Send sick staff home.

Your clients’ 1st instinct will be to stay away from salons, give them a reason not to!


Be intelligent, be safe and be aware. 

Stav Dimitriadis


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