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Milkshake Decologic Conditioning Blue Lightening Powder

Lift up to 6 levels, reducing unwanted warm tones, with the technologically advanced milk_shake decologic Conditioning Blue Lightening Powder.

This lightening powder is the ideal product to create today’s current trends. The versatile, dust-free formula is easy to blend and can be used for any lightening technique. It lifts up to 6 levels, while reducing brassiness or golden tones. The formulation contains organic cranberry extract, clay, and silk proteins for ease of application, effective lightening, protection and conditioning. It will maintain the perfect dampness during application.

From platinum to dark blonde, from cool to golden blonde, there are infinite possibilities. The milk_shake decologic system gives you the perfect result while respecting the hair, using active ingredients from nature.

Organic Cranberry Extract: Enormous quantities of anti-free-radical molecules, vitamins and minerals, enhances protection and helps give hair a healthy, revitalised appearance.

Clay: A specific clay from Brazil, with a golden hue, has a high affinity with hair, smoothing the cuticle and enhancing repairing properties, protecting and improving the condition of the hair fibre and the hair’s appearance.

Silk Proteins: Silk proteins have a high affinity with hair keratin. They have a conditioning and protective action that offers manageability and shine, and protects from aggressive surfactants.

More About Decologic’s Sustainability

Decologic Packaging: Recycling symbol is clearly marked on all recyclable materials, giving salons the chance to reduce their environmental impact.

Certified Suppliers: The paper in the packaging comes from sustainable sources and is managed responsibly.

Labels: Printed using a self-adhesive material which is 80% sugar cane to help reduce dependence on fossil fuels, by using plant biomasses.

Why not experience the Decologic difference in your salon and see results that will delight you and your clients, for yourself?

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