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Why I Love My Dyson Supersonic Professional: by Gillian Reynolds

Gillian Reynolds, from Hair by Gill, has been a hairstylist for 37 years. She did her apprenticeship with Isabel Forssman and has spent a good 24 years in Kyalami. She joined Basecut Studio in Dainfern Square in October 2019.

Gillian has owned her Dyson Supersonic Professional dryer for 2 years now.

Q: What were the biggest differences you noticed when using the Dyson, compared to your previous hairdryer?

A: The first thing that appealed to me was the ‘look’ – very stylish indeed. Then I was impressed by the compact size of the unit and when switched on, the low noise level. I can finally hold a conversation with my clients without having to get them to repeat themselves or switch off and stop what I’m doing.

The dryer is also very light. The fact that it’s engineered and designed to assist us hairstylists with weight bearing was a huge factor, as I had a tennis elbow operation years ago already.

Q: How do you find the speed and effectiveness, the performance of the Dyson?

A: The way that the Dyson Supersonic Professional moves water out of the hair shaft makes drying a breeze. There is no fear of burning your clients scalp or hair as the flow of heat and temperature control buttons are at your fingertips. I just love the fact that mechanical damage is minimized. The magnetic attachments are also a bonus – they are cool touch, so no more burnt fingers.

Q: What about the hair’s condition after drying and have you seen any differences after using this dryer?

A: There is definitely a smoother finish to my blow wave with less effort. Less heat and friction means less fluffiness.

Q: Have you found the dryer easy to maintain and clean, and what are your tips in this regard?

A: Cleaning the filter is sooo easy. I slip off the guard and wipe it daily.

Q: What would your advice be to others who are considering investing in a Dyson Supersonic Professional?

A: My reasons for investing in the Dyson are pretty much all of the above.

Carpal tunnel and tennis elbow are real issues for a hairstylist. We are bombarded with noise all day so the sound of this dryer is also a huge plus. It is not anywhere as loud or high pitched as any of my previous dryers.

I have not regretted purchasing mine at all.

Gill blowdries all her clients with the Dyson Supersonic Professional.

To see more of her work, visit her Facebook page HERE

To order your dryer or enquire about the special hairstylist price, call Customer Helpline: 087 807 9353 or Email: dysonsales@tudortech.co.za

For more information, click HERE.

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