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Milkshake Direct Color Cocktails: Color Refresh Treatments with a Wow Factor

These incredible, conditioning treatments revive hair colour, and prolong the effects of a colour service, with intense and brilliant shine. The delicious fragrance is an added bonus that clients will love and their presentation creates a memorable experience that is an absolute wow factor!

How to Create Direct Color Cocktails

Yes – you literally create them in a cocktail glass! Channel your inner barman as your client watches in awe!

First, you decorate the glass with approximately 3-5 ml of the chosen milk_shake direct colour shade.

Fill the glass with approximately 5 grams of milk_shake conditioning whipped cream.

Then add more direct colour into the glass, for a total of approximately 15 ml for the treatment.

Then mix it until it is evenly combined.

Apply the treatment to clean, damp hair with delicate and pleasant gestures!

Leave in for 10 minutes, rinse well, and continue with the most suitable milk_shake leave-in treatment and styling products for the blow dry. Watch your client enjoy her gorgeous, shiny, colour-refreshed hair!

While all the milk_shake direct colour products can be used for this treatment, the very best ones are:

Brown, Silver, Beige Blond, Golden Blond, Copper, Deep Red and Eggplant.

If you would like to find out more about this treatment, and Milkshake’s other innovative products and services that delight clients and offer your salon a point of difference, get in touch with us.

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