February Hairoscopes

February 6, 2020


Astrologist Zema predicts your stars for February. For a full personalised reading, you can contact her on 083 430 1456.


At last Pisky! We have arrived at the Year of Change! So many many things that you can do this year that will improve your life in so many ways it will make you gasp with surprise! Just don’t try and push your ideas onto others who have their own paths to walk … For some strange reason, people really like you, especially your sense of humour. DON’T overdo it. Lovelife also improves with time and Patience - PRACTICE!



There’s something you should be doing that you’re not doing. Irritating for everybody. Time to sit down and make lists of what you really want to achieve in this Special Year. And then - get on with it! You have a gift that you are not using enough, so now is the time to think before you go off on a wild path. Lovelife looks very good, just practice Patience which is hardly your strong point, although it IS improving! Hooray!



You seem to have endless ideas to improve your life, but you really need to GET TO IT and - the worst advice for a Taurus - you need to keep your Patience. This is something that Taurus is not good at, so start practicing now. Lovelife looks very good, but DO take it slowly, don’t frighten this person away by jumping on the bandwagon too quickly. There are so many ways for you to improve your budget, so do it!



Gem! You’ve been very busy getting your life in order, but now is the time for you to move ahead and make your dreams come true. The best way to do this is to approach a person (carefully…) who understands what you need to do and discuss your ideas with him/her. The most important facet of this is to keep your patience and not keep interrupting he/she who ACTUALLY knows more than you do. Get going. Soon.



Cancer! You have started this year well and need to carry on like this until its over! You have put so much negative activity in the past and you are moving on … The Universe is smiling! You are about to come up with a bright idea to make extra money (again) but this time do it fast. Last year taught you many things which can only bring you satisfaction! You need to make contact with somebody who needs your advice. (?) 

LEO 22 JULY - 22 AUG

Leo! You are going to end up having more people around you than you would ever have expected. (WHY? we all ask). You come up with a few clever ideas to make money AND to do good things for others. How’s that? Lovelife looks better too, just don’t get carried away and pick on the wrong person …Get advice about this from someone who is close to you.  You need to have contact with clever people, smooth tongue that you are.


VIRGO  23 AUG – 22 SEP

There appears to be somebody coming along in this famous year who is going to show you a path you need to follow and keep at it. Its something you haven’t thought of before, but it will take you by surprise! Lovelife looks a bit tricky at the moment but will improve hugely when you try to control the frustrating attention to detail and go with the flow. Bring back your famous Sense of Humour and - tra-la! Life and Love open up again!



If someone is trying to tell you what to do, walk away instead of fighting and trying to convince this person that he/she is wrong. You have an important mission to complete - pay a bit of attention to your spiritual side and you may discover incredible things about yourself that really will take you by surprise (AND everybody else). Embrace it! Take some time to look at something you’ve always wanted to do and get going.



Scorp! Put your Sting on hold for now - there are family issues that you have to work your way through step by step. You ARE capable of this, no matter what other people think. Doing this will also add hugely to your attraction to others! Especially a Partner who will be incredibly impressed by your wondrous understanding. What more could you ask for? Money of course, but this looks good as long as you keep going. NEVER STOP!



You keep thinking of going somewhere - a trip you have been considering for a long time. Looks good - you’ll learn a lot - not just about others, but you will find the answer to something in your own heart that you’ve been considering for a long long time. How about you get with it now, Sag? Romance looks good! As long as you learn to jog along and not try to push things too hard or too fast. Think, think, think!



If you want to improve your job status, now would be a good time to consider all your options. Your partner will be with you all the way. This new year brings many more opportunities that you would have considered before the famous 2020. Romance even improves, so you could have your hands full for a while, but being a Capricorn you will make the right decisions. If you’ve been thinking of buying property, wait a bit …




You have a lot of things waiting for you but you have to pay attention and not grab the first one that sounds good. THINK FIRST! You’ll get exactly the Right One. But the actual secret to all this is not to jog around without settling down … You seem to have become more interested in Spiritual information, which is a good thing but! Put it on your list and work through everything waiting for you. Path to walk, Aqua! Think!


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