Bargaining Council: Fee Increase Reminder and Updated Contact Details


The National Bargaining Council for the Hairdressing, Cosmetology, Beauty and Skincare Industry hereby wish you and your families a prosperous 2020! We look forward to working closely with you this year to improve service delivery, assist with any queries and ensure a positive view of the Council.


Pursuant to a decision taken on 15 November 2019 by the National Executive Committee of UASA –The Union, the UASA membership fees for Members has been increased from R120.00 to R128.00 per month and for Golden Year members (ie members who join the Union after the age of 60), from R99 to R105 per month, with effect from the February 2020 pay month.


This change will be affected on the Council's system in February 2020 which means that returns distributed in February 2020 for payment in March 2020 will reflect the new membership fee.


Please note that the Agency Fee for non-union members will also increase which will be equal to the Union Fees.


Updated Contact Details


Roodepoort Office 

Physical Address: 352 Ontdekkers Road 

Florida Park 

Roodepoort 1725

Telephone Number: 086 142 7227


Pretoria Office 

Physical Address: Office Park@ Zambezi Unit 10

860 Milkplum Road

Montana Pretoria 0182

Telephone Number: 012 682 0175 / 087 094 1816


Durban Office

Physical Address: Office 84-93 Davenport Square 

89 Helen Joseph Road 

Glenwood 4001

Telephone Number: 031 201 1193 / 5


Cape Town Office 

Physical Address: Unit 39 Freeway Business Park 

Corner Berkley and Upper Camp Roads 

Ndabeni Maitland 7405

Telephone Number: 021 425 2153


Case Managment / Debt Collecting: 

Rose Ngonyama 


Tel: 012 682 0175 


Legal Compliance Officer: 

Grace Radelimo


Tel: 086 142 7227


Administration Manager: 

Danelle Prinsloo 


Tel: 086 142 7227 


Finance Manager / Acting CEO: 

Frik Bekker 


Tel: 012 682 0175 / 086 142 7227


Account Related Queries 

Salon Codes Starting with SAL106, SAL109 & SAL112 


Tel: 031 201 1193 / 5

Salon Codes Starting with SAL102, SAL103, SAL105 & SAL107 


Tel: 086 142 7227

Salon Codes Starting with SAL101, SAL104, SAL108, SAL113, SAL115 & SAL117 


Tel: 086 142 7227


Employee and Salon Adjustments 

Salon Codes Starting with SAL112, SAL113 & SAL114 

E-mail: (previously

Tel: 012 682 0175 

Salon Codes Starting with SAL106 


Tel: 021 425 2153 

Salon Codes Starting with SAL102, SAL103, SAL104, SAL105, SAL107, SAL108, SAL115, SAL116 & SAL117 


Tel: 086 142 7227 Salon Codes Starting with SAL109 


Tel: 031 201 1193 / 5 

Salon Codes Starting with SAL101 


Tel: 086 142 7227


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