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Empower Yourself with Steiner: Career Opportunities After an Onboard Contract

Embarking on a career at sea is the adventure of a lifetime, but what happens after you complete your nine month contract on board ship? Here are some career options that are available to you.

Renew Your Contract

Many hairstylists find that they love the experience so much that they sign up for another contract, and often end up doing three or more. The advantage of this is you have a choice of ships after your first contract, and can start to plan your worldwide travels to include all the destinations you long to see. The more time you spend working on board, the more you will earn tax-free with all expenses paid, and the bigger your nest egg of savings will eventually be.

Becoming an Onboard Spa Manager

If you are keen to advance in your career on board ship, and you love the challenge of managing a team, then once you have gained sufficient experience, you can progress to managing an onboard spa.

Landing Your Dream Salon Job

Steiner staff are highly sought after, and top salon owners all over the world know what calibre of person they are and also the skills and work ethic that they possess. As a result, you can apply for a job at your dream salon, or in a related field such as an educator or technician, with a far greater chance of being accepted because your contract on board is a CV highlight that sets you apart and is internationally recognised.

Opening Your Own Salon

If you decide to open your own salon after you complete your contract, you will have a nest egg of savings to invest in your venture and your skills, independence, retail experience, and work ethic will give you a great advantage in the world of business ownership.

Welcomed Back to your Former Salon

More and more salon owners are supporting their staff in the decision to take a “gap year” and work on board, and are keeping their job open and welcoming them back into the salon after their contract. This is a win-win, as the salon benefits from your upgraded skills and expertise, and you are able to resume your career and continue building your clientele – while your incredible experience on board will also have prepared you for a salon manager, or art team, role.

Completing a contract on board ship superpowers your career. It opens doors and brings new opportunities. It’s the adventure of a lifetime, offering an experience that you will remember forever.

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