Hair by Thelma Warns against Coconut Oil

January 9, 2020

It’s great to see salons speaking up and offering sensible advice online, for clients who tend to embrace those “home solutions” that are scientifically proven not to work (because they can’t!). Here’s what Hair by Thelma recently published on the dangers of using plain coconut oil as a hair treatment – together with a gorgeous pic of one of her clients who is receiving proper professional treatments on her hair.



COCONUT OIL is NOT the answer to dry/damaged hair... the oil tends to seep into every tiny hole in your hair shaft & disguise the real problem to act as a “quick-fix.” This won't help your hair in the long run at all, its masking the real problem! This is one of the main reasons I advise against using coconut oil in your hair.

If your hair has broken due to over processing from colour or is weak & fragile, you need to get amino acids into the hair shaft to rebuild & restructure. Use professional moisturising masks regularly as an alternative to coconut oil to really penetrate dry, damaged hair and begin a treatment plan with your stylist to achieve healthy, strong hair.

Looks like we'll be sticking to only using coconut oil for cooking/baking, then, and letting our hairstyles flourish without.


(Professional products and treatments containing coconut oil are effective as the oil has been properly processed.)


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