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5 Reasons to Do a Cruise Ship Contract

Are you wondering whether a contract on board ship would be the right career move for you? Here are five reasons why it would – see how many of them apply to you and your career right now – and why not take the plunge and sign up for a life changing experience on board?

Reason 1: You Want To Supercharge Your CV

If you are an ambitious hairstylist and you want to further your career and work in top salons worldwide, then doing a cruise ship contract is the best move you can make. This is because working on board ship proves so much about you as a hairstylist. It proves that you have excellent technical skills and are a quick learner, that you are versatile, can deal with a wide variety of clients, that you can cope with hard work, that you are a great team player, and that you have the ability to present yourself, and promote yourself well.

Reason 2: You Want to See the World

Cruise ship hairdressing is hard work, but the payoff is that you work in a gorgeous salon with an incredible view, and that during your contract you will have a chance to explore every port the ship anchors in, during your days off. The travel, the new horizons, the chance to have unforgettable experiences in the most exotic locations, will be yours. Cruise ships sail to all the most sought after locations in the world. For your first contract you will be assigned to a ship but after that if you want to choose a certain location, you can request it. This way you can see all the parts of the world you’ve dreamed of travelling to – while getting paid.

Reason 3: You Need a Career Change

The great thing about cruise ship hairdressing is that hairstylists of all ages are accepted on board. There are no age limits. Whether you’ve just completed your hairdressing modules but don’t want to settle in a salon yet, or whether you have been established for years, but feel it’s time for a change and you need to shake your life up and reboot your career – your skills and energy will be equally welcome! Steiner always strives to place you in a ship where you will be happiest and do best, and there are plenty of ships to suit every age and stage of hairdressers.

Reason 4: You Need A Cash Nestegg

Working on board ship allows you to earn great money, tax free, and with very few costs. The only money you spend will be on adventures, days off, and treating yourself to clothing or souvenirs. Your accommodation, transport and meals are all paid for. Whether you would like to pay off debt faster, or save up in order to put a deposit down on a house or a car, or equip your own salon, working at sea allows you to achieve your financial goals quicker than you would be able to achieve them on land.

Reason 5: You Dare Yourself to Take the Challenge

Life is all about taking opportunities and chances, and sometimes people can dream about something for years, but never pluck up the courage or have the motivation to do it. Embarking on this adventure will be the experience of a lifetime, and it will prove to you that you can follow your dreams and see them through. This will build huge character, and will allow you to believe that anything is possible, as you have already pursued and achieved a life challenge.

Would you like to find out more about working on board ship? Contact Steiner today and a consultant will be in touch for a confidential interview.

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