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Healthy Holiday Hair This Summer

December is the time to encourage your clients to take extra care of their hair, whether it has been colour treated or not. Long holiday hours spent in the ocean, the pool, and in the sun will leave hair dry and dehydrated with colour looking dull and lifeless.

Help your client maintain or restore her soft, sleek and vibrant pre-holiday mane all the way into the new year.

As a stylist, it’s your prerogative to advise clients on the best in-salon treatment, service, or home maintenance products to keep hair colour looking vibrant and looking and feeling healthy. It’s our prerogative to give you the best care tips to share with your clients this holiday season.

For the hot and dry season, we are loving in-salon conditioning treatments, glossing services and easy home maintenance to deeply hydrate and condition hair.

Deep conditioning in-salon treatment

A deep conditioning in-salon treatment penetrates the hair shaft, moisturising it right into the core and improving overall hair texture. It helps reduce breakage by nourishing and strengthening your client’s hair to make it more resilient to the sun’s damaging UV rays, saltwater and other environmental factors.

We recommend:System Professional Intense Treatment.

This 3-step at-the-basin treatment includes an infusion and mask to provide a deep conditioning effect that complements your client’s hair EnergyCode™. The treatment is finished with a protecting and sealing step to ensure transformative results for longer.

Colour Glossing

Few clients are aware of the restorative colour glossing service offered by stylists. This treatment not only restores shine to natural or colour treated hair, it also adds colour vibrancy. Colour glossing is ideal during your client’s summer holiday to refresh or tone her hair until her next colour treatment in the new year.

We recommend: Illumina COLOR

For superior hair protection and unparalleled light reflection, use llumina COLOR in your glossing service.

Hydrate and repair treatments at home

It is vital that your client plays a role in maintaining the condition of her hair during the holiday season. Make it easy for her by recommending weekly home maintenance hydrating or repair treatments as part of a regular hair regime.

We recommend: System Professional Hydrate Mask, Wella Oil Reflections Mask, Kadus Brown or Silver Mask.

Depending on your client’s hair needs, recommend either a treatment mask or the full line-up in the range to prolong her in-salon service.