Terenzo Suites Dunkeld: Two Suites Available

November 28, 2019


Terenzo Suites is expanding and as a result, two stunning suites have become available in this sought-after location.


This opportunity could change your life.



If you have always dreamed of running your own business, do it now. 

• Be your own boss
• Own your own fully equipped luxury salon without any upfront costs
• Earn 100% commission
• One flat rental fee including everything & more
• Choose your own working hours
• Work in the most upmarket area that is easily accessible 


“You are never too young to start an empire and never too old to start a new dream.”


Your clients will love this unique, luxurious and tranquil location.


If you would like to know more, or view the suites:
Phone Kim today on 083 602 6782.

Confidentiality guaranteed!


Please get in touch with us asap as these suites very seldom become available and will be booked up fast.



Q&A with Terence on how Terenzo Suites have changes stylists’ lives and built careers.


Q: When did you start the suites?

A: A year ago in November 2018. It’s our birthday celebration now and we can’t believe how the place is pumping!


Q: How have you seen suite owners grow?

A: It’s amazing to see how hairdressers grow, not just financially, but also on a leadership level. Some were in a brand new role from stylist to salon owner and overnight, they grew and took on the new responsibilities and became different people. It’s amazing to see this success, and it is happening naturally! We have stylists from many of the top salons who have joined us. You don’t have to have capital to start, all you need is a client base. Hairstylists in our suites have increased their take-home earnings by 50 to 100 percent.


Q: Is it a supportive environment?

A: Very much so. In a shopping centre you get an empty shell and you have very little say. At Terenzo Suites, you have a whole store set out, we have paid all the costs, and everything is done! Secondly, you work in an environment with competent and supportive people and you will find you get a huge amount of help and support, whether it is business or technical or anything else, both from myself and from hairstylists in the other suites! We also have a generalised reception area which really supports the hairdressers.


Q: Why have these suites become available?

A: Due to popular demand and the success of the business model, we have added more suites.


Q: Why are the suites the answer to the changes you are seeing in the industry?

A: it’s  not only our industry that has changed, but many other industries worldwide. We have changed with our environment rather than getting left behind. It’s a new mentality and thinking. You can work when it suits you and your clients, rather than working when you are told to. You can run your own promotions, have your own dress code, your own music...


Q: Why is Terenzo Suites such a diverse environment?

A: We are very proud to have our first specialist ethnic salon recently joining Terenzo Suites, and we also have make up artists, nail technicians, specialist skin therapists – all working for themselves and owning their own businesses.


If you would like to know more, or view the suites:
Phone Kim today on 083 602 6782.

Confidentiality guaranteed!



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