Five Fabulous Facts on Cruise Ship Hairdressing by Daniella Diem

November 19, 2019


Steiner Recruitment Manager Daniella Diem shares five fabulous facts on cruise ship hairdressing, that you will want to read before embarking on your adventure of a lifetime.


Fact 1: There is no age limit to working on board ship! 

While many hairstylists will do this while they are younger (you need your NQF4 in ladies’ and gents’ hairdressing to apply) there have been many successful examples of older hairdressers making a fresh start or embarking on their life changing adventures and there’s no upper age limit. There are cruise ships to suit every age of hairstylist and you will be placed on the ship that suits you best. 


Fact 2: Your earnings are tax-free under SA’s current tax laws.

Because you work out of the country for more than 6 months of the year during your contract, you receive your earnings tax-free. In addition your board, food and transport are all paid for, so the only money you need to spend is on enjoying yourself, sightseeing and shopping. Everything else can be saved and this can end up being a substantial sum.


Fact 3: Your career options after your contract are literally whatever you choose!

Completing a cruise ship contract is your passport to your dream job, even if it’s in that top salon where you have always dreamed of working. A cruise ship contract is a huge asset to your CV that is respected by top salons worldwide. In addition, if you love life at sea, after three contracts you can apply to work at Steiner head office, move into recruitment, or manage an onboard salon or spa.



Fact 4: Your hard work and attitude will determine your success.

A great work ethic combined with a positive attitude will mean you are extremely successful on board. Getting on well with other people is essential as on a ship, your team will become your new family. Every week you will  have a fresh start with thousands of new potential clients on board, bringing new opportunities every time. Because it is a tax-free environment, retailing is easy as it’s cheaper for clients to buy on board.


Fact 5: Life on board ship is filled with activities and fun.

The only time you will be in your cabin is when you are actually asleep. Although you work hard during your working hours, you play hard, too, and there is so much to do on the ship, from nightclubs to discos, Bingo to movies. The food is amazing and you will look forward to what is served up every day. Your days off give you an opportunity to explore the amazing ports and dream destinations where you find yourself, allowing you to have adventures while seeing the world.


Are you inspired to embark on the adventure of a lifetime and see the world with Steiner?


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