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Sakura – A New Treatment Line to Celebrate Inebrya’s 20th Anniversary

Sakura – A new treatment line to celebrate Inebrya’s 20th anniversary, formulated in alignment with the principles of Clean Beauty.

Taking inspiration from Japan, the Professional Hair Care brand Inebrya presents Sakura, an essential line of treatment products with hydrating and regenerating actions, and a pleasant sensation of wellbeing.

Inebrya, with its focus on inspiring hair artists in their everyday work, has chosen to offer a sensorial experience rooted in the culture of Japan, the homeland of Sakura. Sakura is the blossoming of the cherry trees, and the cherry blossom extract is the key active ingredient in the new treatment line, with the aim of delivering the idea of a “rebirth” and a “reawakening” of the senses.

The range consist of three products: a shampoo, a mask and an oil. The range encapsulates the philosophy of Clean Beauty:

• Formulas are 100% vegan and uses >95% natural ingredients;

• It uses minimal transparent PET packaging, with a reduced plastic content;

• The range is developed with innovative technologies aimed at reducing the amount of water used at the final rinse stage.

The fragrance that all three products share, are chosen by a panel certified by TRI Princeton, one of the most renowned certifying organizations in Europe. It is an enveloping, heady fragrance of flowers that gives way to aromatic, spiced notes before closing with a hint of amber and musk: the perfect mix to envelop the hair in a delicate fragrance.

The line’s hero product is the RESTORATIVE MASK, a regenerating gel treatment for the scalp and hair with hydrating, softening and revitalizing properties. Formulated to be used as a ritual for both the scalp and the lengths of the hair, this dual-value mask offers a pleasant sensation of wellbeing, vitality and in-depth hydration before and after shampooing. The Restorative Mask has been conceived with 96% natural ingredients, free from SLS, SLES, silicones, paraffin and parabens, and above all is 100% VEGAN like the rest of the line.

The range is completed with the RESTORATIVE SHAMPOO, with a regenerating, hydrating action, formulated with 99% natural ingredients, and the RESTORATIVE OIL, a superb illuminating oil that brings an instant glowing shine to the hair, leaving it soft, light and silky to the touch. Suitable for all types of hair.

In addition to the retail and professional sizes, the Sakura line also comes in an elegant kit, a welcome gift for anyone with dry, damaged, bleached and treated hair, or for anyone looking for a “universal” treatment suitable for all types of hair. By applying the products following two specific rituals, hairstylists will be able to offer customers a pleasant sensation of wellbeing that envelops both the hair and the soul.

The Sakura range is available in limited quantities on the Nebeau website. Follow this link

Register your salon and receive 20% discount when using the promo code HAIRNEWS at checkout. Valid until end November.

For more information, contact us on or visit

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