Beard Oil: The Movember Must-Have - By The Bluebeards Revenge

November 5, 2019

It’s “Movember” and that means the beard trend just got even bigger. 


Whether your clients are growing their beards for a cause or whether they’re dedicated fans of the rugged look – beards are here to stay. The only thing that changes according to fashion is their shape and size.


Wearing a beard does more than enhance your clients’ faces and define their style. Beards also protect gents’ skin from the elements, and many gents find that wearing a beard is better for their skin than constantly shaving.


With any beard, maintenance is key, and it can mean a huge difference to the look and feel of a beard.


The number one essential product for every gent is beard oil.



Beard Oil Ingredients

The Bluebeards Revenge beard oils are packed with nourishing essential oils and fragrances that work together to hydrate and maintain beard hair as well as skin. The oil helps promote healthier, softer beard growth as well as eliminating wiriness, tangles, split ends, “beardruff”, itchiness, dry skin, and even spotty outbreaks.


Choice of Fragrances

There are two distinctive scents – Classic Blend Beard Oil is a refined British barbershop fragrance, while Cuban Blend Beard Oil is an explosion of exotic, Caribbean-inspired aromas. Which will your clients prefer?


Benefits of Beard Oil

Clients who are growing a beard for the first time often give up after a few weeks when the “itchy stage” is reached. The itch occurs for two reasons. Firstly, shaving leaves blunt edges on hairs which can scratch the skin when they start to grow, and secondly, dry skin and hair. Beard oil solves all these problems, for comfortable growth with perfectly moisturised facial skin and beard hair.


Beard oil also plays an important role in styling a beard, creating shine, taming flyaway hair, and offering a super-subtle hold, much lighter than balms or waxes.



Application Guidelines

The best time for your clients to apply oil is straight after washing their face. Make sure your clients don’t use too much oil – here’s a good set of guidelines:


• For shorter designer stubbles, apply one or two drops.

• For beards that are one or two inches long, apply two to four drops.

• For a beard that’s three to six inches long, apply four to six drops.

• For beards longer than six inches, apply seven drops or more.


Additional Movember tips including washing beards regularly with warm water and a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner. 


Happy Movember from The Bluebeards Revenge, and here’s to fabulous beard health for all your clients!


Bluebeards Revenge is proudly distributed by Haircair. 

Contact Haircair on Tel: +27 21 448 8847




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