November Hairoscopes

November 4, 2019

Astrologist Zema predicts your stars for November. For a full personalised reading, you can contact her on 083 430 1456. 



Right Scorp! You’re on a ride - don’t slow down! You can achieve the most incredible things in the next few months if you put some thought into it and choose correctly. If you’re not sure of something get advice from someone who knows more than you do - they DO exist, you know! Even love life improves but here’s the trick – Balance the job and love! You’ve got a good path ahead of you if you use your brains (?)…  



You’re very good at getting what you want, but if you Really want that special person, do your best to calm down for a change and examine your strategy. Be the Romantic Sag we know you as. Work seems to be dragging on a bit, but you cannot lose patience - just when you think you can’t stand it any more, it improves incredibly. Keep going. A friend may need some sympathy, so get with it. IMPORTANT - keep your patience!



Cap! Really time to make a decision about your job. This does NOT mean leave the one you Have before you’re sure of the one you Get. You’re intelligent, you know what you’re doing concerning work  - just don’t brag too much and get on anybody’s nerves. Improvement of job situation will also bring improvement of Love life. How’s that for a deal? You need to look straight ahead for a change instead of every direction. 



You have this Bright Idea Aqua! (Run everybody, Run!). Could take a bit of time for you to sort out the details, but in the end it works well. It appears to be more spiritual than anything else, and you, as an Aqua, are very good at this kind of thing because you can see so many sides of the same story. Time to be a Hero and to go for it with enthusiasm, but don’t overdo it - you could end up with stab wounds from irritated people.



You know Pisces, you really are one of the greatest Lovers of the Zodiac! (when you feel like it …). Please take some time to sit down and Think for a change before you blunder into something you will battle to get out of. Money is starting to look better, but don’t get carried away. The word “Millionaire” is not it. You need to concentrate a bit more on your spiritual side which has always been very strong, but you tend to ignore it.



Aries, you’re always so good at getting on with people, but at the moment you’re a bit stuck. You’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by people who are, basically, Bullies. Ignore! Walk away! The only people who will lose is them. Shame for them! Money is about to be improved, but not in millions. Just appreciate what you get, something you’re pretty good at, as you always have ideas of how to increase what you get. Think hard.



You’re doing just fine! The main thing is that you are ACTUALLY keeping your temper for a change. Looks like money is about to improve or just has (NOT millions!). This has given you more confidence and a better attitude to others, minus swords, guns, knives, etc. for a change. There is a bit of a path for you to walk - it appears you are interested in something spiritual. Wonderful news but please, don’t get carried away. 



Time for decisions, Gem! We all know this is the hardest trick for you to pull off, but something has been hanging in the background for so long it’s starting to smell funny … When you’ve made the decision you’re going to wonder why you took so long! (we ALL will!). There are wondrous opportunities awaiting you, work maybe, making money maybe, wondrous love … Could be anything. Do It! We’re all waiting for this. 



You seem to have an awful lot on your mind right now, so perhaps a bit of quiet time could do the trick to get you back together …No promises, but can only do you good. You could discover other things that you’ve never dreamt of. How would that be for a surprise? Something creative seems to be very strong - stop ignoring it. Love life looks good, please remember to include your partner in whatever you want to do. 


LEO  22 JULY - 22 AUG

Leo! You have wonderful money-making ideas, but you don’t always carry them out. When you think of it, DO it, or you’ll let go of it too quickly. People will be amazed, especially the Special One who will want to comb and curl your beautiful mane … Look at your Spiritual side as well - you seem to be somewhere in the middle of the path, not sure which way to go. Someone will appear out of the blue to teach you things.


VIRGO  23 AUG – 22 SEP

You are NOT perfect, Virg - so stop trying to appear to be. You do, however, have a way of teaching others to be more precise in various things. The Stars are saying “Do it - but VERY carefully”. You have some wonderful ideas of how to improve other peoples’ lives, but you have to learn to relax while you’re doing it and keep your famous temper. Your loved ones are going to be very, very pleased with your progress!



Go a bit slowly if you want to keep your bank balance sort of acceptable. You have an eye for beautiful and handy objects and tend to get carried away sometimes. If you go shopping, TAKE somebody with you, somebody who is not a Libra! You have an admirer that has been hanging around for a long time but is too scared to approach you (with good reason …) He/she is NOT perfect, but fabulous - give it a go, Lib!


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