Amazing Service Combo for Thick Hair from Corinne Macchia, Shag High Voltage Hair

This innovative service combined a half head of foils with a Brazilian keratin treatment from the crown to the nape – all in under 4 hours!

I absolutely loved doing this combo, Corinne explained.

My beautiful client is your typical 10 week highlights client. Her hair was extremely long and so thick it takes me a full hour and a half to foil.

Being a new mother of two she sat down on a lovely Friday afternoon to tell me she doesn’t have time to do her hair and is dying to go shorter, but she feel she can’t due to the thickness of her hair.

This is where we come in as creative people and recommend to our clients how we can CHANGE THEIR LIVES. (Coz we’re awesome like that!)

I recommended that we break the hair line with 20-25 foils (using Schwarzkopf BlondMe lightning powder and 6%) just to take that edge of the dark root, giving her a softer looking blonde with a balayage effect.

THEN HERE COMES THE GAME CHANGER! Knowing my foils will develop for an hour I applied MK Brazilian Keratin treatment from her crown to her nape (to eliminate the bushy effect at the back) MK developed in 30 min due to her hair already being pre lightened. It gave me another half and hour to blow dry my Brazilian and flat iron it in.

I washed my foils and Brazilian at the same time. I shadowed her roots with Redken Shades 8N 10ml and 8P 10ml with 20 ml clear and used gloss to cream developer.

On mid lengths and ends I used Redken Shades 09P 15ml with processing solution.

For styling I used the Fibre Mousse by REF to blow dry (no matter the hair type this is amazing stuff) and REF spray wax to finish my soft curl and give this great finish.

Affordability wise I gave her the best of both worlds for the same price as a full head highlights. This way I feel my client walked out feeling great with new beautiful blonde manageable hair and still within her budget.

Shag High Voltage

14 Lower Valley Road, Port Elizabeth

041 363 5540


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