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Interview with Taryn Bloem: National Education Manager for L’Oréal Professionnel South Africa

The well known and well loved National Education Manager Taryn Bloem shares her passion for L’Oréal Professionnel, summarises the main focus for 2019, and the incredible events and innovations that are launching in 2020.

Q: Having been an educator for 15 years and with L’Oréal for 11, why is L’Oréal so special to you ?

A: When you walk into L’Oréal worldwide what are you walking into? Some people think hair, some skincare, some make up But L'Oréal, the world's leading company in cosmetics and beauty, was started 110 years ago by Eugène Schueller, a French pharmacist and entrepreneur. He developed the first “safe” and professionnel hair-coloring formula which he called Oréale, and sold them to Parisian hairdressers.

Our roots originated in professional haircare, and this passion has inspired us to grow from those beginnings. Every hairstylist who has a passion for colour and innovation has contributed to the 110 years of technological advancements and the success of the amazing brand. Our gorgeous products have built one of the biggest beauty companies in the world. To me, this is something special and I am hugely proud to be a part of it.

Q: What was your main focus for 2019?

A: Being L’Oréal Professional's 110th anniversary year, we decided to focus on the brand, our history and our heritage. Re-establishing our “FRENCHNESS” has allowed us to ground our roots, linking us once again to Parisian couture, French style, elegance and beauty. We also put a huge focus on educating our hair stylists with the launch of the ACCESS platform which (for now) offers free online self guided learning that is internationally certified allowing our stylists to empower themselves and take control of their careers. We have been able to inspire and provide confidence and beauty to our hairstylists and ultimately their consumers.

Q: What direction is L’Oréal Professionnel moving towards most strongly in the future?

A: There’s a huge push towards natural products especially in the colouration category – low ammonia and sustainanable ingredients. This push towards greater sustainability is accelerating next year with very exciting innovations ahead including lower emissions, changing packaging to be enviro-friendly, launching special water saving taps... The innovation taking place in this direction is phenomenal and exactly where we want to be.

Q: Where are colour trends moving?

A: In terms of fashion trends, balayage is still a huge trend. However what we find clients are demanding is flexibility of service, and this is where our incredible product range can offer solutions.

1.Our famous Majirel is the highest standard for permanent colour and grey coverage.

2.Inoa (ODS2) is the brand for clients who want a high performance product that is odour-free, super-gentle on the scalp and ammonia free.

3.Our tone on tone Dialight and Diarichesse are ideal for clients who have either never coloured before or has sustained damage to their hair but still want a beautiful lasting colour.

We have numerous approaches for every stylist, allowing you to choose the right one for each client. Todays market is all about having options and we have an answer for every question.

Q: How do you perceive that the world of hairdressing is changing?

A: With the increasing accessibility of social media, our local stiylists have much more access to the international market. There is more cohesion, more interaction, people are sharing ideas – these days it is all about interaction and the sharing of knowledge! It’s becoming a world of free and innovative color discoveries and sharing them with fellow stylists near and far.

Q: And the most exciting question of all – what’s coming up in 2020?

A: I am literally so excited about next year, I could scream!

Firstly, Majirel is turning 40 and still fabulous next year. It’s massively exciting, and we have amazing launches on the rise! You are going to have to stay tuned and WATCH THIS SPACE for the innovations that are going to ROCK YOUR WORLD in 2020.

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