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Festive Season Sales Tips and Gift Packs from label.m

It’s the season of spending! Here are some fabulous tips to maximise your sales from label.m – and we’ve announced our amazing specials that are guaranteed to fly off the shelves!

A study has shown that:

One in Three clients have no idea what to buy their partner for Christmas / holiday gifts – clients spend a lot of time in the salon which is a good opportunity to chat to them about their shopping.

November is the biggest month for festive season purchases.

Most festive season shopping will be done in-store and not online as people are rushed and want immediate gratification!

Salons are the perfect destination for clients to shop, as you get great service, an enjoyable experience, and also better personal data protection!

Here are the exciting, top-selling label.m gift sets designed to delight your clients this festive season... all packaged in fabulous gift boxes.

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