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Tangle Teezer: Pink Punch, Silver Sparkle, Wet Detangler Large Size & Original Mini

Attention all fans of the famous, unsurpassed Tangle Teezer! Here are four launches that will delight you and your clients, and making taming those tangles even smoother and easier.

Pink Punch Blow Styling Tools

Achieve the perfect blow-dry with your favourite styling tool, with a twist of popping colour. The Smoothing and The Round Brush styling tools are now available in eyecatching double pink – even more fun and fabulous to use!

These tools take hair from wet to dry with their firm, fixed-based teeth that extract surface water from the hair shaft for a quicker dry. The Blow Styling Smoothing Tool is perfect for a naturally smooth finish without using a styling iron, while the Round Tool creates perfect natural waves and bounce.

• • •

Silver Sparkle

The Original detangling hairbrush and the Wet Detangler have gone full-on disco with a fabulous silver sparkle effect. For clients (and stylists) who love bling, look no further. Now you can have healthy hair, with all the bling you could desire!

• • •

Wet Detangler Large Size

Great news for clients with long, thick and curly hair... the Wet Detangler has been upsized specifically to handle these locks, and make detangling wet hair a joy! With 108 more teeth and a slightly longer handle, this tool will be up to the task of taking on the thickest mane!

Two-tiered teeth flex over the hair without stretching or pulling it, and can also be used to distribute shampoo or conditioner through the hair. Available in three beautiful colours – Hyper Pink (and blue), Peach Glow and Black.

• • •

Original Mini

You don’t get cuter than the children’s mini detanglers, with three ultra-cool designs little ones will love. This is easy and comfortable for small hands to hold, and encourages youngsters to brush their hair thanks to its mighty detangling powers that are quick and painless! With flexible teeth, brushing becomes easy and fun.

Tangle Teezer is proudly distributed by Haircair.

Contact Haircair on Tel: +27 21 448 8847

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