October Hairoscopes

October 1, 2019

Astrologist Zema predicts your stars for October. For a full personalised reading, you can contact her on 083 430 1456. 



Lib! You’re in for a ride! Now is the time to make plans like mad to actually enjoy yourself (add friends and family to your plans). There’s something you’ve been trying to get at for a long time! How about NOW? Even work looks good, for some reason. The trick, however, is NOT to overdo it and annoy people left and right. This applies very strongly to the love life - try and use The Brain not to annoy others. Be careful … 



You can be so difficult sometimes when it comes to dealing with people as you have the trick of being “wonderful” and hiding the sharp little claws that can make people run like mad. This is something to concentrate on if you want that famous Romance that’s waiting for you. Be nice, be nice! Time for you to use that talent that you keep ignoring - whether its art, maths, whatever. Perhaps you can CONCENTRATE a bit?



You’re very good at travelling Sag! Whether its job, holiday, love life, you’re good at it. Just don’t get carried away and expect people to bow before you because you are so smooth … Sooner or later you will come across The Person who will enchant you beyond description and you’ll wonder what has hit you at last! You’ll be smitten and wonder why you wasted so much time being the Ever-So-Smooth Clown. Smile, don’t grin!



There’s something you’ve been putting off for a very long time. Can you give this some thought AGAIN? It won’t make you Famous, but it will achieve something for you that you have been dragging along behind you forever. You might even find closure on something that bothers you from the past. Being the Star of Detail, you can’t go wrong if you use the side of your brain you’ve been ignoring. May even bring you ROMANCE!



Right Aqua! Have you achieved anything yet with that bright idea you had a Whiiile back?? Stop changing your mind and trust your intuition from the get-go, you’re USUALLY right, the trick is just to keep your temper and to follow the path, leaving all sharp instruments at home. Might be a good idea too if you can get somebody to help you with whatever it is, but make sure this person can be trusted. Try. Hard.



You are greatly appreciated for your Gifts, one of which is seeing both sides of the story. The only problem is, you need to stick to the side that’s actually going to work - not just for you, but for everybody else that supports you … Money appears to come from somewhere unexpectedly and this will enable you to do several things you’ve been ignoring. Your partner will be ecstatic and for once, you can relax …



Time to turn your attention to your creative abilities of which you have a whole lot. How about a New Path? The trick is just to narrow down the list and get on with it. We all know Aries can move the world if he/she puts his/her mind to it and you’re good at teaching people. (THIS could be a good start). It could even bring MONEY?? Get started and don’t expect everything to happen overnight. Patience not your strong point … 



You’ve got so much stuff on your mind, being The Hero/Heroine at everything, you’re missing the most important one. Only you will know what it is, and when you tackle it, it had better be with all muscles in tone. The only thing to be careful of is actually treating people NICELY and Keeping Your Patience. When you make this money, don’t forget about the people that helped you get there. Come on Taurus! Get going!



You’re so good with people but sometimes you need to shut up a moment and actually Listen to what they are saying, and actually realizing that they are being serious. This applies greatly to your love life AND your job. Somebody is going to ask your advice and you need to put on a serious face and not laugh - they will never trust you again and the word about you will spread at the speed of light. Want to end up ALONE??



If people have disappointed you in some horrible way, let go of it and walk away. You may have an offer to make money in a special way - be careful and don’t sign anything  until you’re sure. Family are the priority right now, so anything you want to do for them, now is the time. Love life looks very good too - in fact, if you have a partner, something will be coming up that will bring you even closer than you have been lately.


LEO  22 JULY - 22 AUG

If you follow those plans you’ve been making to earn more money, the good news is that the Money is on its way. It’s just going to end up using a lot of your energy, but your enthusiasm is going to be amazing. The person who is going to help you is truly figure-orientated, so keep your patience with him/her. You also need a break from family-orientated problems - you’ve got too much to do. Love life looks good too! Go!


VIRGO  23 AUG – 22 SEP

Don’t allow your obsession with perfection to slow you down. This applies especially to the love life that needs attention but don’t allow the Perfection to make your partner start running … You have some good ideas, now carry them out - at a sensible speed. You’re usually pretty good at dealing with younger people, so listen to everything you hear and don’t get involved in any arguments because they won’t be forgotten…


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