SA's Shelene Shaer Educates L’Oréal Professionnel Educators in Israel

September 20, 2019

Shelene Shaer, industry icon and co-owner of Tanaz in Illovo, recently held a “Train the Trainer” educational day for L’Oréal Professionnel educators, while on a trip to Israel.


The education included a customised course, developed by Shelene herself, on how to change your own thinking, mindset and attitude to stay ahead of the disruptive forces that are affecting the hairdressing industry worldwide. In addition, Shelene taught the educators a phenomenal foiling technique that creates a gorgeous balayage effect and is ideal for use on darker hair.



The Course Shelene Taught

“My course addresses the disruption that has occurred over the years in our industry worldwide, advises how salon owners and hairstylists can address this, and how you can increase your turnover and your share of business despite the disrupting factors – these include blowdry bars that are now offering an increased service range, barber shops, and so on,” Shelene explains.


“The course includes addressing skills and focuses on the need for hairstylists, as creatives, to make real changes in what they do. You have to consistently keep on producing excellent creative work as client loyalty works differently today. This course contains information, ideas and techniques that I have learned and applied in my own career, and found to be effective. After attending, you will worry less about the disrupting factors at work in the industry and instead will focus more on yourself, your skills, and what is happening in your own business.”


Shelene explains that hairstylists need to start the process of change by understanding themselves and being accountable for their own clients. “Hairdressers who focus on accountability are the ones who will not just survive but thrive. Your business is in your mirror! It’s all about attitude.”



More on the Foiling Technique

“The educators loved the practical balayage-effect technique that I demonstrated, using foils to create this end result. This is particularly effective in countries that have a lot of clients with darker hair, because when doing a normal balayage, a hairstylist can often struggle to get sufficient lift and the correct tone on very dark hair.”


Feedback from L'Oréal Professionnel in Israel

Dear Shelene,

Thank you so much for the effective education you gave our team yesterday. Your time and patience is heartwarming! 

The feedback from the educators was very positive; they learned new techniques and were very interested in the theoretical part.

Your diagnosis process with a consumer was inspiring; we will defiantly take this learning to everyday work.

Adi Faragi

Education Manager  |  Professional Products Division L'Oréal Israel


The Israel Hairdressing Scene

Shelene explains that Israel has a growing population and a huge variety of salons, including a high number of very small salons that are almost just cubicles. The hairdressing scene is well integrated with street culture and street life. As in much of Europe the hair industry is more male dominated.


“I feel it’s so important for us to continually interact and network with the global industry. We are all one in today’s world and face so many of the same challenges,” Shelene explains.



How You can “Access” Shelene’s Expertise and Grow Your Clientele


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