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Style Inspiration: The Intensity of Red by Jose Urrutia @ Peluqueria Jose Urrutia

Red, the colour of fire and desire, two attributes which are often seen in the personalities of our favourite female villains. Mystique, Poison Ivy, Sin, when it comes to hair colour these bad girls always choose red. What better way to display strength, danger and passion than intense red. Let your power and energy shine through with fabulous red. Red is meant to be seen. Red is beautiful.

Hair: Jose Urrutia @Peluquería Jose Urrutia


Assistants: Karmen Ramírez, Veronica Calpa, Belén Naranjo

Photographer: Esteban Roca

Photographer Instagram@esteban_roca_photo

MUA: Nacho Sanz


Stylist: Visori FashionArt

Stylist Instagram@visorifashionartstudio

Model: Aitana Cea

Products: Revlon Professional

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