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Cruise Ship Hairdressing: Q&A with Recruitment Manager Daniella Diem Part 2

Do you wonder what life on board is like, what hours you work, how much you can earn, and if you pay tax on it? Steiner recruitment manager Daniella Diem answers some commonly asked questions.

Q: Is the money you earn on board ship, tax free?

A: Yes, it is tax free according to our current South African tax legislation..

Q: And how much can you really earn on board?

A: The sky is the limit – if you are very motivated and focused on earning well, you can do phenomenally well. It is up to you. One of my recruits, a fitness instructor, just came home from their first contract with just under a million rand!

Q: What other services can hairdressers do, apart from hairdressing?

A: Hairdressers can do teeth whitening, advanced barbering, keratin smoothing, the LVL lash lift, and lash extensions. Retailing is very big, as we have amazing products on board - we stock Kerastase products and L'Oreal colour, and it is a tax free environment so clients are very happy to buy on board as it’s cheaper for them.

Q: What qualifications do you need to apply?

A: You need your NQF4 in ladies’ and gents’ hairdressing to apply. You don’t need to have passed your Trade Test. Working on board can count towards your hours if you have just finished studying, you just need to provide the forms for your manager to fill in.

Q: How much time off do you get every week?

A: You have one and a half days off every week, but in addition to this, there are a lot of incentives relating to hours. So if you make your very achievable targets, you can be rewarded with hours off work that you can use whenever you want – from taking a full day off, to leaving early, or starting later!

Q: Can friends and family join you on board and if so for how long?

A: Yes, they can! You apply to have them join you by submitting an application form and if this is accepted, your family member or friend can join you on board – each ship has different rules so this might be for a week or for a month, depending on the ship. They either sail for free, or else at an extremely reduced rate.

Q: Can you apply if you have tattoos?

A: The rules are that your tattoos must be covered during your hours of work. So if you are willing to cover them with either clothing or make up for the duration of your contract, there will be no problem at all.

Q: Are you ever too old to apply to work for Steiner?

A: There is no upper age limit! Everyone is welcome to apply as long as you are healthy, and your age group will be taken into consideration when you are assigned to a ship to ensure the best fit for you.

In conclusion, this is one of the only companies where they pay you to travel, earning a salary, while doing what you love.

See the world, have adventures, improve your skills, and earn a fantastic income – SIGN UP today, and a consultant will be in touch for your confidential interview.

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