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Finalists Announced: Wella TrendVision 2019 Awards

After months of waiting and rigorous judging, the Wella TrendVision 2019 Award finalists have been announced!

We received many entries this year for both the Color Artist and Creative Artist categories. The intense work and creativity that all entrants put into the work was the best we have seen in a decade and we are amped!

The competition is designed in a way that even up-and-coming stylists can explore their creativity while competing equally on the same stage as masters of the industry making it fair play for all entrants.

Congrats to this year’s finalists:

Color Artist 2019

1. Florin Neascu: Excentric

2. Navnit Behari: Me, Myself and I

3. Juanne van der Walt: Haus of Klue

4. Melinda Marx: Terry Scott Hairdressing

5. Yvonne Bryson: Pasquale Hairstylists

6. Lizelle Vlok: Samuel Beck Hairdressing

Creative Artist 2019

1. Carla Klue: Haus of Klue

2. Shane Fouche: Guy's Chop Shop

3. Donovan Foti: DJ Hairdressing

4. Charles Junior Louw: Hashtag Colour Lounge

5. Nicolas Anamourlis: Nikolas Michael

6. Phylicia Innes: Terry Scott Hairdressing

The Wella TrendVision 2019 Awards event will take place at Emperors Palace in Johannesburg on 1 September. Tickets for the event cost R290.00 and are available your Wella sales representative.

National TrendVision Award and Global Creative Retreat

Winners of the National TrendVision Award in the categories Color Artist of the year and Creative Artist of the year will join their international counterparts during March 2020 at the ITVA Global Creative Retreat. The destination is yet to be revealed but flights and accommodation are included in the prize.

The retreat is a 3-day event that includes exclusive mentoring and coaching sessions. Winners will work in a team and learn from top global guest artists. Teams will ultimately compete during the three days for the coveted Couture Collection Award, as well as other signature accolades.

The chance to make a mark in the industry awaits these stylists!

For more information on the event, visit Modern Hair & Beauty.

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