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Black “Box Colour” transformation by Jadie Professionals, Bloemfontein

We love this incredible transformation (recipe below), but also the clear and strong message from salon owner Jadie Herbst, which is an inspiration to hairstylists and clients alike. Read and enjoy!

This transformation took 2 sessions Before sending me a message asking how much this will cost you and if I can do it in 2 sessions for you it’s important to understand NO TWO heads are the same. No journey from black to whatever end result you desire, will be the same as someone else’s. Any transformation like this will take multiple sessions, 2 - 4 at least. You have to be willing to use proper aftercare. You have to be willing to put less heat on your hair. You have to deal with and make peace with the FACT that your hair WILL be warm before it can ever be cool.

Not just your hair has red pigment, you don’t have to “warn” me 😜most people have red pigment. There’s no way around it. Only through it. Transformations like this aren’t cheap. Remember when something isn’t in your budget it doesn’t mean it’s expensive, it means you can’t afford it. Skilled people and small business don’t deserve being told they are too expensive, because nobody has the right to decide someone else’s worth

How it Was Achieved

This took 2 sessions, some skill and a client willing to invest in good aftercare.

In the first appointment I took her from black to dark brown. Then gave her a good hair care regime to follow for 10 weeks with professional care, then she came back and I did the second session.

In the second session, I did teasyfoils + traditional foils with Wella Blondor and 6% Roots 4/0 +4/07 and 6% Toned with 7/81 and 1.9% She doesn’t want to be any lighter. She had 10 years black box dye and wanted a softer colour but still in the brunette spectrum and she LOVES the warmth. What a day when clients actually love and appreciate warmth !!! (All Wella Products used)

Jadie Professionals

125 Albrecht Street, Dan Pienaar Bloemfontein

051 436 0608

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