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Blo Bar International Training Academy & Salon Opens in Linksfield

Michael and Stacey, founders of the Blo-Bar group, have opened a new and exciting venture: House of Sharon Rae Powered by Blo Bar. Sharon is the principal of Blo Bar International Academy which offers an ITEC accredited education syllabus, with a variety of courses in hair, beauty and make-up including all skills that are highly sought after today, as well as a full hairdressing qualification.

“Success is our passion in hair, beauty and make-up. Our main vision is to support and grow the industry and empower people through diverse training in sought after skills to create employable individuals as well as entrepreneurs capable of successfully running their own business. We are able to accommodate people who have disabilities and learning difficulties, and our team is experienced in helping them become qualified. There are many courses available including barbering, advanced barbering, various part time courses in beauty and make-up, and full and part time hairdressing,” Sharon explains.

What Sets Blo Bar International Academy Apart

A big plus is that students can sign up at any time of the year, for the courses they want to do – including the full hairdressing qualification. There is no stipulated date for intake – you can start whenever you are ready.

Another huge benefit is that the courses are very well priced, and due to the high demand for the skills offered, Blo Bar International Academy has partnered with a learning loan company who can offer financing to students who qualify for it. This means that the education will be affordable and can be paid off at a very reasonable rate.

The final benefit is that the Blo Bar International Academy has partnered with leading haircare brand Inoar, and uses their products exclusively. This means students are trained using top quality products that are effective on all hair types, making them ideal for an academy. Respect for the environment and respect for individuals is hugely important. Head of Operations Vania Pereira explains, “Only PETA-registered products are used, and recycling is a priority for us.”

Future plans for the Blo Bar International Academy include becoming an accredited Trade Test centre, where RPL students can be coached and receive their full qualification.

Finally, entrepeneurship receives a huge focus and students are not just trained in their chosen skills but also in how to start and run their own business.

What Makes Blo Bar Salon Successful?

A very busy Blo Bar hair salon is also located at the academy’s premises in Linksfield which uses Inoar haircare, treatment and colour products exclusively on guests. Co-owner Stacey explains that this glamorous space owes its success to excellent social media marketing and advertising and also providing a fabulous service to clients with loads of additional spoiling when they are there.

Future Plans

Co-owner Michael explains that there are more new ventures in the pipeline from the Blo Bar group and a lot of exciting developments will be happening in the future – keep a look out for more news on the group that is going places!

Courses Available

Places are now open for all the courses offered by the Blo Bar International Academy.

For more information, prices, and a full list of all courses offered please call 011 453 2223 or email

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