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Inebrya No-Yellow Light Blue for an Icy Blue Blonde

The Blonde trend continues to grow nationally and internationally, with specific focus locally on the ash and ice white blonde hues. Inebrya has expanded its ever successful No-Yellow range to include the No-Yellow Light Blue – formulated with violet & blue pigments to combat any unwanted yellow/orange tones for a pure blonde with a delicate icy blue shade.

Inebrya has obtained exceptional results with its No-Yellow range, packed with violet pigments to neutralise yellow undertones for a flawless blonde with a delicate ash-violet shade.

The move to a more icy blue shade is now catered for with the Inebrya No-Yellow Light Blue range. The main difference between the 2 ranges is the blue pigments with high molecular weight that has been added to the Light Blue range, specifically to combat yellow/orange undertones.

The No-Yellow Light Blue protocol consist of the Shampoo and Conditioner, both formulated with Black coal, Blackberry and Raspberry.

The Shampoo effectively cleanses and removes build-up and adds extra shine to dull hair. The shampoo is applied to wet hair and left to process from 1 – 5 minutes.

The Conditioner nourishes & hydrates the hair, adds shine and effectively detangles the hair. It is non greasy with sufficient nourishment to help fight frizz. The conditioner is applied to towel dried hair and left to process between 3 – 10 minutes.

You do not have to use both products in the protocol and will have sufficient results with either. However, the combination will have an improved result as the conditioner magnifies the effect of the shampoo. It can be used every time a client wants to neutralise unwanted tones. Advise them to find the frequency that works best for their hair.

Watch the video here.

Use this table to advise your clients on which one of the Inebrya No-Yellow ranges will best address their hair needs.

For an ashier look, and keeping the grey undertone the No - Yellow will be perfect, because the violet pigment is a more dominant pigment.

For a subtle Icy Blue Blonde the No-Yellow Light blue will be the go to product as it neutralizes unwanted tones, but will not stain the hair.

The Inebrya No-Yellow gives you perfectly toned blonde, bleached or highlighted hair.

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