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The Dyson Supersonic Professional Difference

Next-Level Performance & Engineering

This incredible dryer is intelligently engineered to offer maximum benefits and performance – not only to the hairstylists using it, but to the clients whose hair is being dried!

With the super-powerful motor in the handle, it means the dryer is:

• Extremely light and easy to use

• Incredibly comfortable and balanced

• Fast and effective

• So quiet that you can chat to your clients while blowdrying!

Dyson invested £50-million into developing this dryer and in the process, learned everything they could about how hair reacts to heat styling!

The small, powerful V9 motor speeds up drying so it takes up to half the time of a conventional dryer – a huge time saving when time means money!

Intelligent Heat Control is a game changer – with heat measured up to 20 times per second there is no danger of overheating even when the dryer is close to the head. You will see and feel the difference (and this is why your blow-dry addict clients should also use a Dyson!)

Air Multiply Technology allows air sucked into the dryer to be amplified by 3 times for more focused power and precision styling.

Magnetic Attachments snap easily on and off for a fast, seamless experience.

2 Year Warranty – parts and labour are covered for complete peace of mind, and Dyson offers free delivery on all purchases.

The Dyson Supersonic Professional will transform your salon experience, streamlining one of the most physically demanding tasks in the salon and making it easier, quieter, faster, non-damaging and super-effective. You’ll see the results – and feel them too!

What Celeb Stylists say about the Dyson Supersonic Professional, as used in salons around the world and backstage at Fashion Weeks.

“I have sped up my time with clients in the salon as well as on set.” – Matthew Collins, celebrity stylist and Dyson Professional ambassador.

“The Dyson Supersonic Professional means you can take more clients, actually have a lunch, or get home to that glass of wine faster.” – Jen Atkin, celebrity hairstylist, USA.

“What I love about it is the sound... it’s completely changed the atmosphere in my salon! It’s much more calm and relaxing.”Frederic Birault, celebrity hairstylist, France

“When I’m working backstage, number one I need to protect the girls’ hair, and number two I need to get that hair done. The Dyson Supersonic is the best tool for the job.” – Jon Reyman, international session stylist.

Please contact us to qualify for an exclusive stylist price.

Available to professional stylists or salon owners only.

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