Goldwell Color Zoom Challenge 2019: Secrets to Success from Champions Mia Crous & Salome de Wet

March 11, 2019


The Goldwell Color Zoom Challenge for 2019 is open.... Combine your creativity and vision with the power of Goldwell’s colour ranges, and create a look that will propel you to national and international fame!


This year’s theme is the exciting and colourful “Remix” – a blend of pop and punk. Shake up reality with bold colours, sharp contours and strong contrasts!


Competition Deadline: 31 May 2019 


Categories: New Talent Artist (qualified hairstylists with less than 5 years’ experience) and Creative Artist (qualified hairstylists with more than 5 years’ experience).


To Enter: Fill in the official entry form and give it to your Kao rep or deliver / courier it to Kao Head Office, with your photo both in hard copy and digital (on CD or stick).


Advice from Gold Medallists and International Competitors Salome de Wet and Mia Crous



Salome de Wet

I have always been passionate about hairdressing, especially competition work. I love the art of creating something truly unique. When I entered the Goldwell Colorzoom in 2011 for the first time I was hooked. My first two years of entering I finished top 5 and the third time I won nationally and represented South Africa at the international Globalzoom event. That is where I fell in love with the brand and knew that I’ll be part of the Goldwell family for life. 


Why I Love Goldwell

Goldwell is innovative. They create a platform for stylist to grow themselves. They push boundaries and keep on reinventing colour as we know it. Just last year they launched pure pigments. The technology in that is ground breaking. I love how their colour application is made smart and easy to use. It saves time on our busy salon days. I believe no other brand can compare with the durability of their high fading colours. They offer a wide variety of different shades and colour depositing systems... Elumen is in a league of its own. And there is a little something special coming later this year. Keep your eyes on it. Goldwell thinks “stylist” and their colour is completely revolutionary. 


Colour Zoom Challenge – Why You Should Enter

It’s an amazing way to challenge yourself as a stylist or an apprentice. By taking the challenge you learn to plan, create a mood board, conceptualising colour formulas and placement, better your finishing, session styling, photographing your look, train your eyes to see imperfections and learn to see balance and shape. Clients love to hear that you are busy bettering yourself. You also have amazing professional photos to use on your Instagram. The amount of personal growth you will go through is rewarding and satisfying. On top of everything if you win the competition you get to represent your country on an international competition floor. 


Tips for Success

Planning is key. More time and effort goes into getting that perfect shot than most people think. Start by putting together a mood board of textures, art, fashion etc. Set a date to work towards. Give enough time for your photographer for editing and printing – allow time for if you have to reshoot. Book a make up artist and collaborate with a local designer for wardrobe. It’s important to work with other creatives to get the best possible outcome. Your photographer is very important. Spending money on a good photographer is an absolute must. Remember to write down every colour formula and draw up the colour placement on the day when doing your colour. You have to show your technique on the completion entry form. Don’t be scared to ask advice and take criticism constructively.



Mia Crous

Goldwell was the first professional product I knew. I was fortunate to work with Goldwell at college, and they also sponsored the Worldskills National Competition that I took part in. When I entered Goldwell Color Zoom I wanted to challenge myself and I took the chance thinking I will never know if I don’t enter!


Why I Love Goldwell

I love the technical support around the products, the way of measuring, the tools, the retail, and the fact that they always improve their standards. They focus on what the client wants – and your clients have more respect for your professionalism as a result. Goldwell really keeps you on the ball with the latest trends and amazing education, from seminars to hands-on training. They are always ahead when it comes to fashion. There’s a product for each service and to solve every problem whether your client is young or older, and every hair type is catered for, with hair in a better condition after the colour process.


Colour Zoom Challenge – Why You Should Enter

It puts you in the spotlight, and takes you to the next level. It is also good to show your clients in the salon that you are keeping up with trends and know exactly what is in fashion. The competition really is the experience of a lifetime... it helps you to make a name for yourself while doing what you love. You are able to achieve on a national and international level – if you win, the experience is mindblowing, and it is amazing to meet the international Goldwell team! I think Goldwell Color Zoom is like the Oscars for hairdressers!


Tips for success

Start working on a mood board, and remember that your model selection is crucial. The photographer must be good and must understand what you are aiming for. Hair must be done on the day so that it is fresh and on point.



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