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milk_shake Smoothies: Conditioning Semi-Permanent Colour with Brilliance & Vitality

The ammonia-free formula of milk_shake Smoothies is enriched with milk proteins, organic honey and sunflower oil, amino acid complex, fruit extracts and cocoa.

The result? Maximum hydration, protection and condition, with brilliant colour expression and a fabulous fragrance.

The 41 mixable and brilliant shades:

• Give light to a natural base

• Give intense, bright and natural colour contrasts

• Offer grey coverage

• Are perfect for retouching, adding tone to discoloured or blonde hair, and giving light and colour contrasts

• Are perfect for all clients wanting an easy to maintain colour – gents included!

• Have delicious natural fragrances for an unforgettable colouring experience!

Each series has a different colour and fragrance and is specifically formulated for maximum condition.

Violet Series: Enriched with blueberry extract and a blueberry fruit fragrance.

Chocolates Series: Enriched with cocoa seeds extract and a chocolate fragrance.

Red Series: Enriched with strawberry extract and a strawberry fragrance.

Copper Series: Enriched with papaya extract and a tropical fruits fragrance.

Golden Series: Enriched with honey extract and a honey fragrance.

Natural Series: Enriched with milk proteins and a sweet milkshake fragrance!

Your clients will love the fragrances that add to the excitement of the salon experience, as well as the phenomenal condition and brilliant results!

Contact milk_shake on Head Office: 021 552 2369 | Email: or | Facebook | Twitter

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