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milk_shake Energizing Blend Transforms Weak, Thin, Fragile Hair

The amazing milk_shake range has launched a new line that is going to be an instant must-have for thousands of clients!

Thin, weak and fragile hair is a real challenge; and more and more men and women alike are finding that their hair is becoming less healthy, with a loss of thickness and volume.

Organic botanical extract-based treatments and essential oils enhance hair growth and give more density to hair, for an invigorating makeover that benefits the hair and scalp. Your clients will love the immediately thicker feel of their hair, and the longer-term health and growth benefits this range provides.

The range includes a shampoo and conditioner as well as a hair thickener scalp treatment.

Growth and Scalp Health Ingredients in Energizing Blend Range

• Organic rosemary, known for its energising properties, stimulates follicles to assist natural growth of hair and oxygenate tissues with an antiseptic effect.

• Organic sage is anti-inflammatory, while fioravanti balm, obtained from 10 different plants, is refreshing, stimulating and toning.

• Eucalyptus, and naturally derived menthol, together with a mix of 11 essential oils, is refreshing, protective and energising.

• Vitamin E is energising and revitalising.

• Glycerin extract of arnica and natural camphor stimulates microcirculation.

Volume Ingredients in Energizing Blend Range

• Naturally derived glycerine provides moisture and volume.

• Panthenol pro vitamin B5 is densifying, hydrating and conditioning.

• Rice bran oil hydrates and nourishes the hair and scalp, leaving hair soft and silky.

The formula is sls-free and paraben-free.

Contact milk_shake on Head Office: 021 552 2369 | Email: or | Facebook | Twitter

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