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How Salon Marketing Has Changed

We chat to Customer Acquisition Expert, Candice from Digimagick, about what they taught her at Hairdressing College about Marketing, and how times have changed...

I studied about 20 years ago, and the only marketing I remember being taught is that "Word-Of-Mouth is the best marketing You can ever have". One Client has the potential to bring you about 8 more clients. We also learned about "Refer-a-Friend" and Loyalty cards, and another popular form of marketing was handing out flyers, and just constantly promoting yourself at any social events. Always have your business cards on you.

In this day and age, we are completely immersed in digital. If we arrive early at a restaurant, and are waiting for a friend...We do not people watch anymore, or sit quietly enjoying the ambience of the place. No. The first thing we do, is pull our phone's out, even before looking at the menu. If we are waiting for a meeting to start, everyone on their phones! Waiting at the Doctor? No problem! More phone time!

We are in a DIGITAL AGE and we need to seriously change our mindset and get ourselves out there and make use of Facebook Advertising.

Facebook is your new and improved "Word-of-Mouth" on STEROIDS!!!!

Facebook is a fully fledged business, and they want to take your money! As of the end of 2018, there is hardly any organic content being shown.

In order to get lots of people to see your posts, once you post something, you need a minimum of 10 people to engage or like your post within the first 10 minutes, and if you get that right, Facebook will then show your post to more of your fans.

Boosting posts doesn't work, we fall for it all the time, because Facebook makes it look so inviting... BUT boosting posts shows your audience to a very wide network of people, the audience is just too broad, and You haven't "warmed" up Your audience to create any buyers intent.

Take the Plunge and Sign Up for a FREE Strategy Call with Us!

We will do a FREE Digital Audit of Your business, give you some tips and tricks to use on how to improve your daily social media, and let us take you through the process that we would we take your future Facebook/ Instagram/ Google clients with.

We will explain all about the importance of warming content, re-targeting and then eventually offer them a great deal to get them to choose to spend their money with your business.

It is time to catapult your business into the digital age, and we can make you some serious money when doing it the correct way!

If email and forms aren’t your thing then chat online with either Candice or Edwin.

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