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January Hairoscopes

What do your stars foretell for January? Astrologist Zema reveals. For a full personalised reading, contact her on 083 430 1456.


Everybody likes you so much Aqua, for some strange reason, but you do have to wake up a bit if you want to make friends and keep them. This involves attention, not always a strong point with you. But! Just imagine finding The One you have been looking for all your life … Jump at it! Work also looks good and you are famous for your concentration, but don’t let it hold you back from enjoying this time of the year. Get going!


Believe it or not, Pisky - at last you are going to have a restful time, something that sometimes drives others crazy, but in this case you really need it. You’ve walked a long path and worked yourself to death - now is the time to do things that you really enjoy, but do try and keep your loved ones involved here and there to keep the peace. Your spirituality needs a bit of a wake-up too, so read, contemplate and find the path …


A new start for you Aries, just as you thought you couldn’t go any further with the negativity that has been getting you down so much lately. It’s been a difficult year for everyone, and the effect it has on Aries is usually Temper with a capital T… You have some ideas growing in the back of your mind about things that you would like to do, so, make lists and get organized. The Universe is rolling its eyes - this could be endless …


You’re doing well in the Romance Department, but there are one or two things missing that you have to pay attention to. Try and get the famous Impatience under control and take things as they come. Believe it or not, the Universe knows what it’s doing. When the time is right for you and partner, you will be over the moon with joy. Money matters are also looking as if they are about to improve, so you’ve got to have patience.


Don’t know what you’ve done Gem, but things are looking up for you at last. The plans you’ve been making for so long (and driving people mad) are in the process of actually making sense. This does not mean you can go off at a speed, it means you have to think. Don’t grab the first thing that comes - there are plenty more after that and you have to use your cleverness(?) to find the best, the one that’s going to last the longest.


You have so many plans at the moment Cancer, it might be a good idea to make lists and not to annoy the people around you too much. You may be greatly surprised by the “Wonders of Life” that occur to you, so try and use common sense to see that you can’t do everything all at once. Once you get going, you may just be surprised at the amount of money you make. These are not millions. Keep your head straight …

LEO 22 JULY - 22 AUG

The usual Leo attitude that you are the King/Queen is a bit weak at the moment. You have to think carefully before you speak if you don’t want to cause harm to yourself and others. In other words, Keep Your Temper but don’t lose confidence in yourself. You have some good plans for work, so put them in motion. Love life even looks good as long as you can walk away before you shout at your partner. Money slowly gets better.


You seem to be getting better at keeping to plans without driving people insane with the details, something that doesn’t always sit well with your partner either. If you do have the Super Plan to improve money matters, take it slowly - Virgo is the Perfection Specialist and you could do very well with your ideas, they appear to be waiting for your action. This could improve Romance matters as well! Keep the famous temper in check.


You’re always so good at detail, but in this case you have to be super good if someone offers you something that sounds almost too good to be true. Feels good, sounds good, watch your step! You’ve had a dream about something special you want to do which includes the Loved One. Good idea, but don’t make any mistakes, they usually don’t get forgotten … Someone makes you a lucrative offer. Think first …

SCORPIO 23 OCT – 21 NOVIf you really want that person that you have come across, best advice is to take it carefully. Very hard for a Scorp, but if you rush into it with the usual energy, you may just end up putting this person off. Once that has happened, the person may turn and run faster than you can … You have wondrous ideas for new work for the new year, but make sure of the details before you get carried away. Listen to advice from someone.


Could you possibly slow down a bit before you run so fast you fall off the cliff? You have to finish everything you started in the last year before you tackle anything else. Details tend to drive you mad sometimes (well, madder) but in this case pay attention to what is being offered. You could end up doing very well with this if you use your brain and listen properly. There is somebody who has romance in mind - think and take it slowly.


If you still want that job you’ve been looking at for so long, now would be a good time - you keep dragging on with details that really don’t matter right now. You have such a new start, it’s just TIME to start. Besides making the money you have been waiting for, for so long, you will also end up impressing The One that you have had your eye on for a while. He/she is also wondering what you are waiting for. GO! GO! GO!

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