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Theresa Gouws receives Wella giftED Francois Coty Lifetime Achievement Award

The award

The Wella giftED Francois Coty Lifetime Achievement Award is given to those who have, for more than 20 years, made an exceptional contribution to the hairdressing industry. Recipients of the award have not only been dedicated and loyal to their company and the Wella family but have also contributed significantly to the development of other stylists by sharing their knowledge and experience.

The nomination

Those who have worked with and know Theresa, know how deeply passionate she is about hairdressing. And it is this very passion that moves her to keep learning and to keep sharing her knowledge with other hairstylists. Not only is she a source of inspiration and expertise for many in the industry but also for the entire Modern Hair & Beauty education team and family.

The nomination for the award means that Wella has recognised that in her market she has led the elevation of education, she has been the industry go-to person for hairdressing expertise, and she has gained recognition from global peers for her contribution to education. Furthermore, the award illuminates how she has changed the game in local education by strategically building the brands she works with, mentoring her team and enabling their growth, and by finding creative solutions to fit her customer.

Theresa’s history with Wella Professionals in South Africa

Theresa started with Wella South Africa in 1998 as an educator and quickly moved on to become the Studio Manager. Between 2000 and 2011 she was both the Sebastian and Kadus Education and Marketing Manager and currently she is the National Education Manager for Modern Hair & Beauty; she travels across South Africa to educate stylists and salon owners. Theresa has previously received a giftED Global Education and Business Master award.

Theresa says her passion for the industry and education increases as she sees how people develop and grow from what she has taught them.

Congratulations to Theresa on receiving such a prestigious award.

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