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label.m Power of Two Campaign Celebrates Diversity

label.m’s latest creative brand campaign celebrates Cultural Diversity, Unity, Equality and Individuality.

The Power of partnerships is the theme for the next chapter of WE ARE TWO.

Art directed by Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck and her international artistic team, this campaign features five couples that showcase and celebrate the brand’s deep rooted heritage combined with modern hairdressing talent. This reflects the individuality of clients in terms of style and unique hair textures with global relevance.

Each of the images depict ultimate pairings, with hair styled by the award-winning label.m products that create aspirational results, with effective professional solutions for every hair type, texture and need.

The Power of Two campaign is all about the definition of style and exploring the infinite possibilities for every conceivable hair texture. It is a personal statement that’s empowering, commercially relatable, and expressive. This authentic platform showcases hair as the ultimate accessory and creates trends that are driven by our salon clients.

We love this artistic campaign that breaks barriers, changes thinking, and unites all clients under one label – label.m.

Label.m is proudly distributed by Haircair.

Contact Haircair on Tel: +27 21 448 8847

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