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Muk: Join Our Community of Champions

We’re thrilled that more and more leading hairstylists and industry champions are switching to muk.

Jo Ingram, hairstylist for 16 years, explains why she loves muk.​

“I’ve been working in hair for almost 16 years. And as those years have gone by, I have found myself craving simplicity in this beautifully chaotic industry! After 9 years with Scar Hair, Cape Town, I decided to open my own studio and immediately knew I wanted to work with a colour like muk. An almost 80% naturally derived product that isn’t tested on animals is an absolute pleasure to be affiliated with! "

“The concise, creative and technical range allows me the freedom to play without the fear of compromising the integrity of my guests’ hair!"

“Every day I wake up excited to get to my studio and play with my muk colours!”

Well done Jo on your amazing space that transports your clients to a fantastic world of colour! We are obsessed and inspired daily by the most gorgeous works of art that are posted on your Instagram profile.

Book a playdate today by emailing, and experience the muk difference in your salon (spoiler alert: you can expect happy hairstylists, delighted clients, and incredible results, all this while saving you money and making your salon more profitable!)

Give your clients the very best with muk colour... because they’re the biggest champions in every business!

If you would like to find out more about how the muk Colour range can benefit your business, contact 011 465 4370 or email

To book a playdate email

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