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Colour Trend Prediction: Flamingold and Neon Nights

Where will fashion turn as autumn approaches? Sarah Black from Linton & Mac, UK, a colour expert and the 2017 UK L’Oreal Colour Trophy winner, predicts two stunning trends.

Flamingold: A vibrant hybrid of flamingo coral-pink and muted gold, this is the new season’s bolder, punchier and sassier version of the rose gold trend. ‘Flamingold’ should vary in depth and tone throughout the hair, with colour in some areas being vibrant and deep, and in other sections more muted: think more Apricot rose rather than rose gold. Flamingo-pink hair was an Instagram sensation this summer, however Autumn/Winter’s Flamingold hue has an element of warmth and hints of gold and apricot to set it apart.

Neon Nights: Pastel shades have had their moment – now it’s time for neon brights. Jeremy Scott, Alexander Wahg, Miu Miu and Marc Jacobs all used bright colours in their autumn-winter shows. These look-at-me colours look artificial and fresh from the bottle; and have a punky edge with heaps of attitude. Pre-bleaching is essential and th is kind of shade requires maintenance to prevent colour fade: recommend a protein-based sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner to your clients to maintain that level of vibrancy.

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