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muk Shoots With World Renowned Photographer RANKIN, Who Has Shot Madonna, Queen, and more!

muk Haircare has just launched the highly anticipated INCEPTION. This global creative campaign and collaborative partnership resulted in a stunning new image for the fast-growing brand. muk has been rocking the industry worldwide with its innovative products and incredible results, all at an astonishingly affordable price! The INCEPTION campaign takes a step into the brand’s exciting future with a shoot that’s all about playful mystery, and beautiful, styled hair.

Mark Gariglio, founder of muk, wanted to do a campaign that broke tradition, exactly the way the muk products have been doing! At the same time, it was important for muk to be positioned as a luxury, fashion-focused brand with a strong identity and an exciting future.

To do this, Mark collaborated with world-renowned creatives Nick Irwin and Rankin. They decided to shoot the models nude... but without being too revealing! This achieved a perfect balance between powerful beauty, subtle sexiness, and phenomenal hair as the main focus. With pared-down make up, the models’ natural gorgeousness shone through and the hair was the hero of the day!

“While this is a big departure from what we have done before, it’s also a sign that our brand has come of age,” Mark explained. The Inception theme was born from the brand’s beginnings – to move forward, they had to look at where muk had been and why it was created in the first place. Hairstylist Nick Irwin, who has worked with numerous photographers, models and celebs, was delighted to showcase the hairdressing heart of this family-owned brand that is all about passion and integrity. Photographer Rankin, who has worked with celebs like the Queen of England, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Rihanna and Heidi Klum, brought the vision to life.

The shoot showcases muk as an exciting, fashion-forward brand that is rooted in integrity, quality and values. muk is a perfect partner for hair salons, small and large... now you can find out more about what this brand can offer your salon! If you would like to receive a full muk welcome email with info and pricing, email and we’ll send it asap!



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