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Style Bar Salons: A Passion for Education

What sets Style Bar apart as a salon group?

The one important feature that sets Style Bar apart from the rest of the salon groups is its passionate focus and drive for education. Style Bar aims to make stylist education and training workshops its key objective. We offer compulsory educational classes to current and new stylists.

Upskilling stylists was the best idea Style Bar as a group could have made for driving a better future.

Belinda Liebenberg, who heads up the group’s in-house education, explains more.

Q&A With Belinda Liebenberg, Style Bar Group Educator

Belinda’s hairdressing career includes educating for major product houses like Schwarzkopf, Indola and Goldwell, working in a London salon, and owning her own salon for 17 years. She travels overseas regularly for continued education on cutting, colouring, and Train The Trainer.

“I have been fortunate to have had the best educators and mentors in this industry. There was no end to their dedication and enthusiasm and this influenced my approach to education. Because I know what education has done for me, I cannot stress it enough to everyone.

The more knowledge you have, the more confidence you will have. The more confidence and knowledge you have, the more effectively you will communicate,” Belinda says.

Q: Tell us more about the Style Bar group and why you chose to join them?

As a Schwarzkopf Educator I always trained the Style Bar group in their Training Studio. There was always a huge demand from them for more training but my time did not allow me to offer the group more. When the opportunity came for me to make this move, I already felt part of their team. The vision and mission that Style Bar’s owner, Vittorio, has for the group, made me want to be part of this success story. His business ethics, integrity and relationship with his staff is commendable.

Q: What is your role at Style Bar?

I head up the Education Department for the group of 11 stores. Having only one group to focus on, means that I can cater for every staff member’s individual needs, offering anything from basic cutting and colour fundamentals for students, to the most advanced cut and colour techniques as well as hands-on barbering seminars. It can all be custom made for each stylist.

Q: What is Style Bar’s philosophy towards education?

We all know that knowledge is power, but in a struggling economy seminars are costly and it can be difficult to gain the knowledge you need. Being able to offer all our staff any form of training that they require puts them in a very favourable position. Better training means more confident stylists, satisfied customers, the opportunity to sell more services, and a full appointment book with referrals as well as repeat bookings.

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