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Could You Be a Cruise Ship Hairdresser?

Do you have what it takes to complete one or more contracts on board ship, seeing the world and getting unmatched work experience, while earning great money?

Here’s a short quiz to help you decide whether a career at sea might just be the enhancement your CV is waiting for!

1.Are you a qualified hairdresser?

Yes – Go to question 2

No – You should complete your hairdressing studies before you apply for a cruise ship job.

2.Are you an enthusiastic people person?

Yes – Go to question 3

No – Working on board ship, you need to love your job and love working with people. Enthusiasm will ensure you earn well and make the most of your time aboard.

3.Are you hard working, self motivated, disciplined and professional?

Yes – Go to question 4

No – Cruise ship hairdressing is hard work and you need to be ready to put in the discipline and dedication during working hours, although there is also lots of time for fun!

4.Are you willing to learn new skills, and work with new products?

Yes – Go to question 5

No – Your training with Steiner will include new skills that can broaden the portfolio of services you offer, helping increase your earnings.

5.Do you mind sharing your cabin space with others?

No – Go to question 6

Yes – On board ship you will share a cabin with another crew member – so it helps if you’re a good roommate and a team player who gets along easily with co-workers.

6.Are you ready to find out more?

Book a confidential interview with one of The Onboard Spa’s recruitment consultants who can start you on this amazing career path. To book, go to

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