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Report Back: Matrix Color Festival with Danielle Keasling

Matrix Global Educator Danielle Keasling was the guest of honour at the fabulous Matrix Color Festival. Having just won the prestigious title of NAHA Hairstylist of the Year with her incredible trend collection, Danielle shared her expertise, trend advice and inspirational techniques with guests at the Color Festival and the hands-on workshop.

Katy’s Palace Bar was an incredible venue for the Color Festival, with a stunning view of the city, perfect lighting, and a party atmosphere. With a free drink, fabulous food, a well stocked candy table, spot prizes and a photo booth, guests had everything they needed to enjoy the event in full Matrix party style.

Danielle worked on a number of models, assisted by some of our top South African hairstylists. With an educational and interactive theme, each colour technique was explained in full, with Danielle sharing her secrets to success in obtaining the gorgeous looks and effects. Danielle applauded the Matrix South Africa team, saying that they are the best team she has worked with.

The hands-on workshop the following day at the Woodmead head office, was an intensive day that included demonstration, education, and practical work on mannequin heads. Everyone who attended received valuable, personalised and detailed advice from Danielle on how to achieve the trends and effects in cut and colour.

What a privilege to have Danielle’s warm, generous and super-knowledgeable presence in South Africa, just after she won a top international award. Thanks to all who attended this event, we hope you returned to your salons inspired and enriched!

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