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OWAY – Astonishing Results from Organic Range, Free from Harsh Chemicals

The latest movement in hairdressing is to set yourself apart as an unique, luxurious and eco-friendly OWAY Head.Spa Salon

No more stressed out stylists and clients! No more suffering from allergies and sensitivities! Instead, a clean, green, non-toxic alternative that offers incredible results, without harming you, your clients or the environment. Because why choose between beauty and health, when you can have both?

OWAY brings you and your clients the total solution – the biggest fully organic range of professional colour, care, treatments and styling products in South Africa. OWAY offers the full spectrum of “clean”, green, sustainable, eco-friendly products, packed with powerful natural ingredients that offer incredible results.

OWAY Head.Spa began with a vision – higher standards of hairdressing, satisfied clients and passionate stylists. Our success is based on the experience each client has in our salons. Our strong and visionary management team is continuously building a fashion-orientated Head.Spa company to be the performance leader in the hairdressing industry. Offering the latest trends in salon services, clean and sustainable products, beauty, fashions, equipment and technology. OWAY Head.Spa is recognised as a leading hairdressing company, and a retailer of unique, premium, sustainable products.

“Our mission is to provide a platform of supreme professionalism from which the stylist can operate to achieve unrivalled status in the industry.”

The OWAY Head.Spa and brand is the result of hardcore research and comprehensive laboratory tests. Now more than ever, consumers are becoming aware of the benefits of reducing chemical exposure. Demand for organic hair and beauty products is projected to reach $13.2 billion this year.

Introducing clients to OWAY’s holistic Head.Spa services, practices and supreme sustainable products are the best way to reduce toxic exposure in the hair and beauty industry. Oway clearly labels its products as being biodynamic, with no SLS, Parabens, artificial colorants or synthetic fragrance additives. All our professional color lines are ammonia-free and contain biodynamic and organic ingredients with innovative technologies.

Your clients will love everything from the look and feel of the products, to the sublime fragrances that calm and refresh, to the incredible results from this top luxury brand. Once they have tried OWAY, they will never want to use anything else.

Transform your salon into an OWAY Head.Spa franchise and set yourself apart.

For more information contact OWAY South Africa

Mrs. Juanitte Pieterse - OWAY SA CEO & Educational Director : 071 675 8001

Mr. Jacques Lomabard - OWAY SA Marketing & Managing Director : 076 424 8042

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